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When you decide to have any type of masonry work done, do yourself a favor and contact the experts at Red Brick Masonry Inc in Flushing, New York. At Red Brick Masonry Inc, they specialize in all of the following: chimneys, pointing, stoops, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, patios, cracked foundations, masonry fencing, garden walls, stucco, basement waterproofing, and pressure washing. Licensed and insured, Red Brick Masonry has served Flushing and Queens since 1988. With over 30 years of firsthand experience, we’re able to efficiently and affordably handle any residential or commercial project.

Red Brick’s masonry teams do extensive repair and restoration work. Our team members possess a strong attention to detail as well as complete masonry skills, including pointing, parging, and repair skills as well as any and all abilities related to brick and block work.

Here are a few of the services we offer


Brick Paving

Concrete Driveways

Brick Pointing

Basement Waterproofing

What people are saying about us

Mick’s staff are skilled pros. The front walk is beautiful and they did an excellent job on the chimney pointing. They are all a pleasure to work with. Next masonry job – it’s Red Brick Masonry.

Heather B.

I hired Mick to do a small job repairing my sidewalk. Project was completed in 2 hours; it was quality work for a very fair price. And Mick is a pleasure to work with. I have much more extensive concrete work to do around my house and i will definitely contact him for an estimate.

Noreen S.

Great job by City Red Masonry. I had my stairs repaired. They did exactly what I asked at a fair price. Thanks very much.

Anthony P.

Very professional and hard working. Looks great and a fair price. I would recommend to anyone doing brick or cement work.

Marge B.

Mick is knowledgeable and professional.Highly recommend him

Hung W.

Mick was punctual, knowledgeable, and a good guy. I needed to install weepholes for a retaining wall. He assessed the wall and explained his tactic to treat the wall. He was not pushy and provided a written estimate. I decided within 24 hours to use him. His team performed the job as stated and I am happy with the outcome. I would definitely use Mick again for future jobs. Thank you Mick.

Steve C.


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